Terms and Condition

Terms and Condition

1. The Name and Logo is registered under the current Trademark Act. No misuse and copy is allowed. Unauthorized use of logo and name or misuse of any kind may give rise to claim of damages or be a criminal offense.

2. HimalaynHerbalIncense.com is a registered website. The information provided here should meet the viewers' special requirement. But copy of website design, its articles or literature and reproduction of them may be a subject of punishable offense.

3. You may not distribute, copy, transmit, perform, display, reproduce, publish, license, modify, rewrite, create derivative works from, transfer, or sell any material contained on the website without the prior consent of the copyright owner.

4. Any activities that are intended to harm the product or harm the fame of the owner shall be liable for claim of damages and even punishment.

5. HimalayanHerbalIncense.com is not liable for the use of information by the viewers. The viewers are free to use information according to their needs and wants.

6. Do not accept the product if it is not supplied directly from us or our suppliers.

7. Himalayan Herbal Incense is not responsible for the misuse of product or product components once it is sold.

8. We do not promise any warranty or guaranty on the product, so do not accept if any supplier or Third Party provides any warranty or guaranty claims.

9. You need to email us proper order letter while ordering product.

10. You need to make payment to us via our swift code. Once we receive payment, we will dispatch product via DHL. You will track them for you easily upon your request.

11. Himalayan Herbal Incense is not responsible for Third Party misuse of the product.

12. HimalayanHerbalIncense.com might look or feel slightly different in various PC or Mobile browsers; it is just the alignment aspect of website that may change, not the intention.

13. HimalayanHerbalIncense.com may include website of our clients, which might change from time to time. We have no responsibility for the content of linked website(s).

14. We do not claim to treat any disease or reduce health problems through the use of our incense product.

15. While emailing us, proper subject and message should be sent, otherwise we are not responsible if the message(s) is/are treated as junk by automated mail scanner of Gmail.

The term "Himalayan Herbal Incense", "We", "Us" refers to the owners of this website. The term "you" refers to the viewers of the website.

The terms and conditions are for your information only; it is a subject of change without notice.


We are always committed to protect the information provided by our customers. We ensure that customer information collected in HimalayanHerbalIncense.com or incense.himalayan@gmail.com or in any other media is for our internal purpose only. We fully protect the privacy of our customers.


1. Our product is not for human consumption.

2. We do not advise inhaling incense fragrance directly.

3. The customer placing order should be 18 years and older, or the company placing order should be a legal registered company.

4. Do not place the incense box in or near damp place as they may reduce the full burning capacity of incense.

5. Do not keep incense in open air for long period of time.

6. As incense burner is made of clay, it gets hotter as the incense burns. It is advised not to place incense above or near wooden objects, papers, clothes or electronic gadgets.

7. Do not use the product if it causes allergic reaction.

8. Keep out of reach of children.