Aim to supply natural herbal cone incense instead of stick incense.

Let us control deforestation of bamboo trees required for stick incense by supporting cone incense.

Welcome to Himalayan Herbal Incense Website. is the site which offers you finest cone herbal incense. You may visit our product details, details about us, online sale methods and many more through our user friendly interface. Unlike other website, our website does not contain unnecessary information that makes confusion. Please click on these quick links to get more information.

There may be many questions of which you might learn the answers to:


  • What does cone incense mean and why only cone incense?

    Ans: Cone incense is conical shaped incense simply, smells better than other incense (like rope incense or stick incense) because there is no burning of other substances (stick or paper).We focus only on cone incense because it is eco friendly. Manufacturing stick incense and rope incense requires trees to be cut down. But to manufacture cone incense we do not need other raw substances. The fragrance is pure and more soothing. It burns more rapidly and release exact herbal scent.

  • What is the significance of cone incense?

    Ans: The significance of our incense is not just limited as an air freshener. Its fragrance enhances mind, spirituality, creativity, concentration, reduces anxiety and aids in healing, meditation or relaxation. It can also be used to perform rituals. The powerful fragrance relaxes our senses and brings positive energy to our soul.


  • What is the price of the product?

    Ans: Price $15 per box.


  • Is the product handmade or machinery output?

    Ans: The entire product is handmade including the packaging process, cone incense, incense burner and handcrafted incense box.

  • How is the quality of aroma determined?

    Ans: After a long intense research, we finally ended up on a perfect aroma. The fragrance is unique and completely natural. Many incense manufacturers use artificial substances to get good aroma which are full of toxic, harmful for our health. But we blend quality herbs found in high altitude of Himalayan Region of Nepal. As a result, the fragrance is healthy, chemical free and completely non-toxic.

  • What type of packaging do you offer?

    Ans:Our packaging system is totally labor intensive. The incense is provided in a spectacular handicraft package covered by Banana Paper enriched by quartz crystals. It also contains a small handmade incense burner. You can check the incense box in photo gallery.

Ingredients and Herbs

  • Are the ingredients used legal?

    Ans:Yes the herbal plants we use are 100% legal. We do not use those herbs which are endangered or banned like sandalwood, musk, opium etc.

  • How are the herbs utilized? Are they destroyed?

    Ans: We do not destroy herbs and other medicinal plants. The herbs we use are seasonal herbs; found only in a particular season. Thus, if we do not wield them in the proper season, they fade away unused. This is the reason why we make use of seasonal herbal plants without destroying them. They are carefully collected, dried and blended according to our secret herbal formula.


  • Is herbal incense better than bamboo stick incense or other artificial incense?

    Ans:Yes, herbal incense is always better than non-herbal incense products. Research shows that, when incense, which is usually made of bamboo sticks coated in sawdust and essential oils, is burned, particles are released into the air. If these are breathed in they can become trapped in the lungs, and are known to cause an inflammatory reaction. This means it contains chemical properties that can change genetic material, such as DNA in cells, and therefore cause mutations. On the other hand, research shows that herbal therapies through herbal incense is effective way of relaxing our senses and have an enthusiastic life. Thus, think twice before choosing between herbal incense and dangerous stick incenses.

Inquiry and Sales

  • How to enquire about the product?

    Ans: We love answering quarries and enquiries. You can simply email us on our email

  • Is online sale possible?

    Ans: Yes, you can scroll up and clik the Online Sale button.

  • How to place an order?

    Ans:You can email a proper order letter to us and we shall immediately be at your service.


  • Is Himalayan Herbal Incense registered properly?

    Ans: We are registered under Department of Cottage and Small Industries, Nepal. Our registration number is 14949/705/071/072.

  • What type of people have you employed?

    Ans: We have gathered unprivileged, poor, unemployed women and have trained them to work as our employees. We focus on women employment.

  • Is this website legitimate?

    Ans:: Yes of course.