About Us


Sanepa, Lalitpur


We are Himalayan Herbal Incense, manufacturers of one of the best cone herbal incense. We are legal producers registered under Department of Cottage and Small Industries, Nepal. Our registration number is 14949/705/071/072.

We provide finest quality of cone herbal incense worldwide. After undertaking intense research, we were finally able to end up with a perfect formula to create an ideal aroma. We precisely collect all the herbs and blend them together. All the ingredients we utilize are found in high altitudes of Nepal. They are collected and carefully blended to obtain a perfect aroma. As a result, the fragrance is healthy, chemical free and completely non-toxic.

We focus only on cone incense. These days many incense manufacturers produce stick incense, rope incense etc. Huge amount of bamboo trees has to be destroyed for the production of stick incense. Similarly special types of trees have to be cut down for the production of paper in rope incense. Considering this, we use pure natural herbs as ingredients without the mixture of any substance like bamboo stick and paper rope. Thus, our product is eco friendly which does not degrade environment or promote deforestation by any means.

We do not destroy herbs and other medicinal plants. The herbs we use are seasonal herbs; found in a particular season only. Thus, if we do not wield them in the proper season, they fade away unused. This is the reason why we make use of seasonal herbal plants without destroying them.

We not only promote eco-friendly environment but also emphasize on women employment. All our workers and employees are women. Nepal is a country where lots of women are discriminated, deprived and unemployed. Thus we gathered those indigent women, trained them and now they are happily working as our employees. In order to prioritize women development, we have not changed our production process from labor intensive to capital intensive.

We also value our customers very much. We provide high quality product and service them at a fair price. We focus on supplying our customers' excellence in our products with high desire to gain total customer satisfaction on us. We hope to build long lasting healthy relationship through honesty, integrity and quality product. To ensure this, we always love hearing you. Thus we highly look forward to your feedback so that we can always strive to produce and satisfy better.

All the herbs that we use are 100% legal under the current law. Our product has already been lab tested to ensure that it does not include any substances that are banned.